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Abbestra├če 2-12
D-10587 Berlin
Chair Local Organisation
Dr. Karl Jousten
phone:  +49-30-3481-7262
fax: +49-30-3481-7490
Conference Secretary
Margit Kleinsorge
phone: +49-30-3481-7276
fax: +49-30-3481-7684

Mercede Bergoglio INRIM, Italy Leak rate metrology for the society and industry.
Richard Davis BIPM, France Recent developments in the kilogram redefinition and the future of SI.
Michael Moldover NIST, USA Gas thermometry and alternative pressure standards.
Gianfranco Molinar INRIM, Italy Historical Perspectives of High Pressure Metrology Using Pressure Balances.
Wladimir Sabuga PTB, Germany Pressure measurements in gas media up to 7.5 MPa for the Boltzmann constant redetermination.
Felix Sharipov University of Curitiba, Brazil How theoretical flow simulations can help pressure and vacuum metrology?
Chris Sutton IRL-CRI, New Zealand A Planck constant measurement using pressure metrology.
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