CCMP-5    IMEKO TC16-4


Abbestraße 2-12
D-10587 Berlin
Chair Local Organisation
Dr. Karl Jousten
phone:  +49-30-3481-7262
fax: +49-30-3481-7490
Conference Secretary
Margit Kleinsorge
phone: +49-30-3481-7276
fax: +49-30-3481-7684

The 5th CCM international conference on pressure metrology in conjunction with the 4th international conference IMEKO TC16 will take place from May 2–5, 2011, in Berlin.

The CCM international conference on pressure metrology is the world's leading conference on measurement related issues in the pressure and vacuum field. It is to review research and developing work on highest quality primary standards and the dissemination of traceability to the most exacting and demanding users in the range from 10-9 Pa to 109 Pa.

This will be the 5th conference in a series that started in 1988 by a seminar for high pressure metrology. Since 1993 it is held every 6 years and was extended to the vacuum metrology field in 1999. The conference is jointly organised by the two working groups for low and high pressures within the Committee for Mass and related Quantities (CCM) being one of the advisory committees of the meter convention.

The international conference IMEKO TC16 on pressure measurement focuses on the more practical aspects of pressure and vacuum measurement mainly for industrial sectors like process and semiconductor industry, photovoltaic, coating, metallurgy, packaging, pharmaceutical and others but also for research applications.

It is organised by the Technical Committee 16 for Pressure and Vacuum Measurement of the International Measurement Confederation IMEKO and was previously held in 2001, 2003, and 2007.

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